Destination: Toledo, Spain

Our one night in Granada was done, and so my family and I left the city with our tour group to the next and final destination in the Andalusia region of Spain. We would be visiting Toledo, which is actually not in Andalusia, but rather in the Castilla-La Mancha, otherwise located about 45 minutes to … Continue reading Destination: Toledo, Spain

Destination: Córdoba, Spain

Once our two nights in Madrid were over, my family and I took a five-day, four-night guided tour around the Andalusia region, located in the south of Spain close to the Iberian Peninsula and home to rich diversity of culture and history, especially having belonged to the Moors back when the region was under Islamic … Continue reading Destination: Córdoba, Spain

Destination: Cologne, Germany

Hallo! (fyi, that word^ was one of the two things I said while visiting Germany, the other being danke schön. Thankfully, it got me around places, and thankfully, the Germans speak English, anyway, so no room for miscommunication! Saved that for Spain, but that's another story...). During my stay in Aachen, I also made a day trip over … Continue reading Destination: Cologne, Germany

Destination: Aachen, Germany

Greetings! Finally getting around to my travels from this past vacances de Noël! As you probably know, I spent my holidays in two different countries-- Germany and Spain-- so I will be starting with the former since it was the first destination that I visited. With that said, let's get to it! My Christmas holidays began early … Continue reading Destination: Aachen, Germany