My Bucket List for Europe — Part 4

Around this time every year, I dedicate a post to my current bucket list of places that I want to visit in Europe within the next 12 months. I'd made a list last year, and I'd managed to get to seven of the 11 destinations listed on there. This year's will be a bit of … Continue reading My Bucket List for Europe — Part 4

5 Small French Towns I Want to Visit

Living in France for nearly four years has given me plenty of time to go out and explore just about every corner of this hexagonal country. From the extreme north in Lille to the Mediterranean coast of Marseille (and Toulouse to east and Strasbourg to the west), I've enjoyed exploring the myriad of French cities, … Continue reading 5 Small French Towns I Want to Visit

My Favorite *Underrated* European Cities

Especially if it's your first time on the European continent, you might be thinking of hitting the hot spots, including London, Paris, and Rome (which I consider the "European Trifecta," drawing in more visitors than any other cities in Europe). Although these big cities are always crowded, they serve as a good introduction to each … Continue reading My Favorite *Underrated* European Cities

LA Nights (poem)

(inspired by my hometown, Los Angeles) LA Nights Sunsets on the boulevard, riding down the stretch to what seems like eternity on these La Cienega nights next to you, Head rested on my shoulder, you count the stops along Wilshire mile, catch a glimpse of urban light past satellites and dust particles from BMWs that … Continue reading LA Nights (poem)