two-by-two (poem)

(inspired by a trip to Osaka, Japan—June 2016) two-by-two I. spinal exercises in the morning: first the shoulders, then the neck before working up to the head crack the bones into the soup heat and soak stir and repeat fish broth for days ginger slips under the roof of the mouth remedy for throat on … Continue reading two-by-two (poem)

Stories (poem)

(inspired by a night in the Sahara desert- May 2017) Stories Tonight, the universe plays like television in the middle of nowhere now here, centered on the stars. It rewinds to sunset, presses pause on pastel cliff ridges painted in tangerine across green-mahogany irises. Silhouettes of four-legged beauties carry souk spells over humps of sand … Continue reading Stories (poem)

Wanderlust (poem)

Wanderlust A garden grows inside of the chest blooms wildflower with each beat to the wild heart watching eyes like Sunday take part in the mind taking it slow by the hour cerebral fantasies breathing in hotel linen recycled from yesterday and the day before, too busy discovering to clean up dreaming toes curled for … Continue reading Wanderlust (poem)

new world (poem)

(inspired by my trip to Florida and the Caribbean- Sept 2014) new world heat sun light floods our eyes, hitting the bronze sand and brimming infinite crystals stretching miles down the shoreline. water the emerald tides lap our golden toes, eager for a taste of warm cooled skin shipwrecked on a no-escape island. sky a … Continue reading new world (poem)

From the Santa Luzia Viewpoint (poem)

(inspired by my travels to Lisbon, Portugal- Feb 2016) From the Santa Luzia Viewpoint Like colorful poppies, the rooftops look to the sapphire sky as the horizon flees from the windy shoreline— An escape to the next somewhere in this Iberian dream, away from the unforgiving winter. How it feels! To have warm sun against … Continue reading From the Santa Luzia Viewpoint (poem)