Crazy Travel Stories #8: That One Time I “Netflix-and Chilled” in Zagreb…

*Disclaimer*, the title isn't what you think it is. While in Zagreb for my holidays in May and June, I spent the first two nights Couchsurfing at someone's home. Prior to that, I'd reached out to hosts in regards to staying with them, but many were either busy, out of town, or already hosting … Continue reading Crazy Travel Stories #8: That One Time I “Netflix-and Chilled” in Zagreb…

Destination: Zagreb, Croatia

My five nights in Split were long, but packed with activities. From exploring the nearby islands (e.g. Hvar) to day trips to Plitviče Lakes and Bosnia & Herzegovina, I was constantly out from morning to evening-- that said, I found my time in Zagreb a much-more relaxing affair, all the while seeing a good amount … Continue reading Destination: Zagreb, Croatia

Destination: Plitviče Lakes National Park, Croatia

If you ever go to Croatia, there's a large chance that you would be visiting Plitviče Lakes National Park. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, this nearly 300-square kilometer natural park is filled with tumbling waterfalls and clear-as-day lakes which offer plenty of stunning views (and plenty of photo memories to take home). While … Continue reading Destination: Plitviče Lakes National Park, Croatia

Destination: Hvar, Croatia

While in Split, I took several day trips to other parts of the region, including a few islands just off the coast. That said, this post won't just be about Hvar (as written in the title), but rather one of the day trips I did to it and nearby islands. An all-day affair, it was … Continue reading Destination: Hvar, Croatia

Destination: Split, Croatia

After three nights in Dubrovnik, I continued my journey through Croatia by heading to Split. Known for its beaches and Roman history, this coastal city is also a popular tourist destination, as it's also where people can visit nearby islands like Hvar or Brač for nature and nightlife. Compared with Dubrovnik, the city of Split is … Continue reading Destination: Split, Croatia