Destination: Berlin, Germany

During my family's trip around Scandinavia, our trip to Berlin was somewhat of an anomaly: considering the fact that it was neither a part of the Nordic countries nor even a port city, it made for an interesting break during our week-long cruise along the Baltic Sea. All the same, it is a popular tourist … Continue reading Destination: Berlin, Germany


Destination: Aarhus, Denmark

Denmark might be a small country, but there's so much more to it than just Copenhagen, its capital. Granted, I didn't know about any other places in the country to visit, and it wasn't until my family and I arrived in Aarhus during our ten-day journey through the Scandinavian countries. Although we would only have … Continue reading Destination: Aarhus, Denmark

Destination: Chartres, France

Chartres is a medium-sized town located about an hour's train ride from Paris. It's known for its exceptional cathedral, along with a lively town center full of shops and restaurants for locals and visitors to enjoy. I would be doing a short day trip to Chartres while in Paris for a couple of nights, following … Continue reading Destination: Chartres, France

Destination: Rundāle Palace, Latvia

Known as the "Versailles of Latvia," the Rundāle Palace is one which visitors would never have expected to exist in the small Baltic country itself. From its ornate, Baroque architecture to detailed, flourishing gardens, it's a gorgeous gem worth spending a half-day visiting while in Latvia. Getting there from Riga required some time, but it … Continue reading Destination: Rundāle Palace, Latvia

Destination: Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

Besides traveling to major places, I also enjoy discovering small, quirky sites to document. The Hill of Crosses is no exception: located about two hours north of Vilnius, its unknown origins and strange display of numerous crosses proved intriguing enough for a day trip while in the Lithuanian capital. Although its origins remain unclear, the … Continue reading Destination: Hill of Crosses, Lithuania