Destination: Étretat, France

Cliffs of Étretat (September 2015) Of all the years I've had this blog, it is actually unbelievable that I've never written about Étretat! Or at least, a stand-alone post about it. Most of my posts have only included it in lists (e.g. Normandy guides) or jointly with other destinations I went to in the region … Continue reading Destination: Étretat, France


Destination: Le Havre & Étretat, France

Bonjour! If my time spent in Germany and Spain over the winter holidays weren't enough, then making my way over to the Normandy coast for the new year satisfied my itch to travel once again. Granted, it was a short stay, but all the same a peaceful and quiet time with good company. After getting … Continue reading Destination: Le Havre & Étretat, France