Destination: Rabat, Mdina, & Mosta, Malta

On my third full day in Malta, I decided to stay on and explore the western part of the main island. Having spent the previous day hiking through the lush vegetation on the island of Comino, I stayed in Malta to discover more of its history. With that said, I embarked early to get a … Continue reading Destination: Rabat, Mdina, & Mosta, Malta


Destination: Valletta, Malta

Located off the coast of Sicily, the small island-nation of Malta often gets overlooked as a tourist destination. For non-EU citizens like myself, I admit I hadn't known about this country until in the last few years-- even after I'd decided to book my flights for a week-long visit in late November, I still had … Continue reading Destination: Valletta, Malta

Destination: Basel, Switzerland

Although I had little knowledge about it, Basel had been at the top of my bucket list to visit for quite some time. Since I was in Strasbourg for a week in late November, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to cross the French-Swiss border for the day to visit Basel. With that … Continue reading Destination: Basel, Switzerland

Destination: Strasbourg, France (2018 Edition)

After my fall semester of teaching ended in mid-November, I wasted no time embarking on my two-week travels in Europe. I started with a week in the warm country of Malta (adventures to be posted soon) before I headed back to France to visit a friend for a week in Strasbourg, as well as to … Continue reading Destination: Strasbourg, France (2018 Edition)

My 5 Favorite Restaurants in Paris

A massive foodie, I'm always looking for places to try out whenever I go out. Growing up in Los Angeles has exposed me to a variety of different cuisines, dishes, and tastes-- I've enjoyed my fair share of delicious, authentic food, from the likes of Lebanese to Korean to even Ethiopian. You can seriously say … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Restaurants in Paris