The Francophile Tag

Salut! A while ago, Camden from Baguettes and Bicyclettes tagged me to do the Francophile Tag. She's an American expat who works as an English lecturer at a university in the south of France; I've been following her adventures for a while on her blog and YouTube channel, and she's a great resource for teaching … Continue reading The Francophile Tag


How I got my titre de séjour in France (story time)

Salut, tout le monde! It has been a long time coming, but as of yesterday, I *finally* received my titre de séjour! Also known as a residency card, it permits me to work in France, as well as to legally be in the country overall. Through much back-and-forth with the Prefecture (and countless headaches), I'm just glad … Continue reading How I got my titre de séjour in France (story time)

Paris: My Host Family Experience (Part 2)

Bonjour, tout le monde! Crazy to believe the it has been almost a year since I wrote Part 1 to this study abroad/host family experience. It's also incredible to realize that it's been over three years since my study abroad experience, which I believe really shaped my passion for living in France. From the last … Continue reading Paris: My Host Family Experience (Part 2)

The Pros & Cons of Doing TAPIF

Bonjour, future assistant(e)s! With less than two months until the start of your work contract teaching in France, it's no doubt that you're counting down the days until you touch down on French soil. You're gearing up for the next six to seven months abroad, as you can almost taste the excitement of living in the land … Continue reading The Pros & Cons of Doing TAPIF

How to Improve Your French

Salut, tout le monde! Perhaps you've just started learning French or have already been learning it for years. Either case, you're probably interested in getting better at it, so that you can use it when you visit France or just for personal reasons. Granted, it can be hard to learn French, let alone improve on … Continue reading How to Improve Your French