Destination: Berlin, Germany

During my family's trip around Scandinavia, our trip to Berlin was somewhat of an anomaly: considering the fact that it was neither a part of the Nordic countries nor even a port city, it made for an interesting break during our week-long cruise along the Baltic Sea. All the same, it is a popular tourist … Continue reading Destination: Berlin, Germany


Destination: Bamberg, Germany

Considered one of the most picturesque towns in the Bavaria region of Germany, Bamberg is certainly a stunner that attracts plenty of tourists each year. Less than an hour's drive from Nuremberg, it makes for the perfect day trip to explore its charming, UNESCO World Heritage Site-honored grounds. Knowing that Bamberg was a can't-miss town, … Continue reading Destination: Bamberg, Germany

Destination: Regensburg, Germany

During my time in Nuremberg, I also made a couple of day trips to nearby smaller cities to get a more-complete picture of the Bavaria region with all its charm and history. That said, I chose to make a day trip to Regensburg, located about 100 kilometers south from Nuremberg. Having heard good things about … Continue reading Destination: Regensburg, Germany

Destination: Nuremberg, Germany

My third stop during my visit in Germany earlier this month was in Nuremberg, the second-largest city after Munich in the Bavaria region. Besides being known for its rich medieval history, it's also infamous for the site of the Nazi Rally Grounds during Hitler's reign, as well as for the Nuremberg Trials against war criminals … Continue reading Destination: Nuremberg, Germany

Destination: Heidelberg, Germany

Following two nights in Frankfurt, my next destination was Heidelberg, a college town situated along the Neckar river in southwest Germany. It's not too far from the Rhine river, and it's known for its pretty landscapes, pretty architecture...just about anything pretty. Even though I didn't know much about Heidelberg before, I had heard good things … Continue reading Destination: Heidelberg, Germany