Destination: Valletta, Malta

Located off the coast of Sicily, the small island-nation of Malta often gets overlooked as a tourist destination. For non-EU citizens like myself, I admit I hadn't known about this country until in the last few years-- even after I'd decided to book my flights for a week-long visit in late November, I still had … Continue reading Destination: Valletta, Malta


Destination: Nuremberg, Germany

My third stop during my visit in Germany earlier this month was in Nuremberg, the second-largest city after Munich in the Bavaria region. Besides being known for its rich medieval history, it's also infamous for the site of the Nazi Rally Grounds during Hitler's reign, as well as for the Nuremberg Trials against war criminals … Continue reading Destination: Nuremberg, Germany

Destination: le Palais Idéal, France

After a pleasant day in Pérouges the day before, I headed out to the palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval the following morning while in Lyon during my October holidays. Considering that I had a mix-up with waking up the morning before (long-story short, I'd made the mistake of setting my alarm for the day after I'd planned to visit … Continue reading Destination: le Palais Idéal, France

Destination: Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland

During my stay in Krakow (more on it later), I made a couple of day trips to nearby places in southern Poland. One of them was the Auschwitz concentration camp, which is where millions of people-- Jews, vagabonds, criminals, homosexuals-- were persecuted and killed during World War II. To say that my visit to Auschwitz … Continue reading Destination: Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland

Destination: Caen, France

Bonjour! Just like with my adventures in Strasbourg and Colmar, it was also around this time of year that I spent a weekend in the beautiful city of Caen (pronounced "con"), located in Basse-Normandie and is the capital that is dedicated to Guillaume le Conquérant (William the Conqueror). In fact, I went there the weekend after visiting the Alsace … Continue reading Destination: Caen, France