Destination: Paris, France (March 2019 Edition– Part 1)

Paris,¬†oh's a place that I've written about numerous times on this blog, to the point that I've had to chronicle each visit based on the date I went (April, October, now March...). Crazy to believe that I used to dislike this city when I first moved to France in 2015-- now, it's one that … Continue reading Destination: Paris, France (March 2019 Edition– Part 1)


Destination: Valletta, Malta

Located off the coast of Sicily, the small island-nation of Malta often gets overlooked as a tourist destination. For non-EU citizens like myself, I admit I hadn't known about this country until in the last few years-- even after I'd decided to book my flights for a week-long visit in late November, I still had … Continue reading Destination: Valletta, Malta

Destination: Reims, France

Situated about an hour east of Paris, the city of Reims (pronounced "rance") is the capital of the Champagne region. That's to say that it's located in the heart of the champagne-making part of France, and it's no wonder that plenty of visitors come to check out the copious cellars, lush vineyards, and of course, … Continue reading Destination: Reims, France

Destination: Pisa, Italy

After four nights in the Ligurian region of Italy in May 2016, it was time for me to head back to France. While I had a fantastic time hiking the gorgeous Cinque Terre and exploring the surrounding cities in the region (including Portofino), I knew that I had to return to France, as I had … Continue reading Destination: Pisa, Italy

Destination: Avignon, France

As tradition goes, I spent my birthday weekend out of town. For the past three years of living in France, I'd been using my weekends to travel and celebrate my year of birth, all the while exploring more of the country. From the Brittany region in my first year of teaching to Dijon just last … Continue reading Destination: Avignon, France