Destination: Huangshan, China (Part 2)

Translated as "Yellow Mountain," Huangshan is a notable highlight of the southern Anhui province of China. Millions of tourists flock to the region every year to hike its uniquely-shaped mountains and to take in the sublime views from the top. Even for the least-adventurous out there, they would have a hard time refusing to give … Continue reading Destination: Huangshan, China (Part 2)

Destination: Huangshan, China (Part 1)

With its majestic peaks and lush vegetation, Huangshan (黄山) is a vast mountain range situated in the Anhui province of China. Its spectacular scenery has inspired paintings, literature, and photography for centuries. Without a doubt, Huangshan is a natural wonder, and it's no surprise that it has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site … Continue reading Destination: Huangshan, China (Part 1)