Rainy Day (poem)

(inspired by Le Havre, France-- September 2015) Rainy Day The sky smells of cigarettes rolls itself into clouds on Tuesday afternoon by the bus stop to Le Havre— Even scarves and overcoats could not help but shiver from the rain in September, signaling winter to come. The bus drags its tired engine, dissipates smoke like … Continue reading Rainy Day (poem)

Destination: Le Havre & Étretat, France

Bonjour! If my time spent in Germany and Spain over the winter holidays weren't enough, then making my way over to the Normandy coast for the new year satisfied my itch to travel once again. Granted, it was a short stay, but all the same a peaceful and quiet time with good company. After getting … Continue reading Destination: Le Havre & Étretat, France

Destination: Le Havre, France

Salut! With this year's les vacances de la Toussaint already done, I'd thought that I would recount where I went this time around during my second year as an assistante in France. In comparison to last year's grand adventure in Belgium and Prague, this year's vacation was more of a weekend getaway than an actual, lengthy trip. Regardless of … Continue reading Destination: Le Havre, France