Life Update #16: Traveling Internationally, Job Satisfaction, and much more…

Hello, folks. It's been a while since I last updated you on life (last December, to be precise), and while I usually do my "Life Updates" during the last month of the year, I won't be able to fit one in this year due to the number of scheduled posts I've already set up to … Continue reading Life Update #16: Traveling Internationally, Job Satisfaction, and much more…


Pride (poem)

(inspired by the legalization of gay marriage in the United States-- June 2015) Pride Love sins for all the wrong reasons. but we know,they know,He knows that it’s all about waking upand seeing your loved one’s facenext to yours, freckled like coffee dropsacross the bridge of the nose—lashes curled like daffodilsthat remind you of how … Continue reading Pride (poem)

10 Pride Photos from Around the World

June marks an entire month of Pride celebration for the LGBTQ community in the US. It is a time to commemorate the Stonewall Riots which took place on June 28th, 1969. Police conducted raids on gay bars in New York City, in which LGBTQ members fought back for, literally, their "pride" of their sexuality. The … Continue reading 10 Pride Photos from Around the World

The Sea (poem)

(inspired by Cambria, California-- August 2010) The Sea We tiptoed like children across low-tides, waiting for the pacific ridge to swallow us whole. Cave mouths echoed the cambric breeze, their rough centers spill milky seafoam at the mercy of our feet, crushing sand dollars half-priced for infinite gems like burnished gold dust between fingers. It … Continue reading The Sea (poem)

A View from Montmartre (poem)

(inspired by Paris, France-- July 2014) A View from Montmartre The Sacré Coeur blesses me tonight under the gaze of les étoiles the heat melting memories in late July, fireworks still sticky on the back of my neck. There's a carafe for two, at ease with you, laughter over the bill as I'm blushing rosé confessions … Continue reading A View from Montmartre (poem)