Yearning (poem)

(inspired by Marseille, France-- February 2017) Yearning I watch sails hover over the horizon, dipped between twilight and paradise along the port in February: A winter chill washes ashore palm trees of a balmy Sunday, shoulders of boats anchored to a lifeline of a lifetime forever moored on the Mediterranean. It’s months of solitude at … Continue reading Yearning (poem)

Crazy Travel Stories #6: That One Time I Stayed with a Creep in Marseille…

As I've written in previous posts, I've done my fair share of Couchsurfing with plenty of hosts from all over Europe. While most of them have been fine, I've had a few interesting, even weird experiences, with a few of them. I've told you about one of my bizarre stays in Toulouse, and in this … Continue reading Crazy Travel Stories #6: That One Time I Stayed with a Creep in Marseille…

Destination: Calanques of Marseille, France

Following our first night in Marseille, I took a day trip out to the calanques de Marseille with the other assistant(e)s with whom I was traveling during this past February vacances. Even though I'd already visited the calanques during my first visit to Marseille last March, I had been so blown away by their beauty that I was happy to return to them again...this … Continue reading Destination: Calanques of Marseille, France

Destination: Marseille, France

Bonjour! I'm finally getting around to writing about my February holidays (vacances d'hiver) this year. This time around, I didn't do the full two weeks as I'd done last year with a whirlwind of a time in Spain and Portugal, but all the same, I still headed to warmer climates to escape the dreaded cold … Continue reading Destination: Marseille, France