Five Years of Blogging! (Q&A)

Today, July 30th, marks my five-year blogiversary. Five years it's been since I started this blog, dedicated to my travels around the world. It's surreal that Rebecca Goes Rendezvous has gotten this far since my early days of solo travel, especially now that I'm hardly traveling and settled with a 9-to-5 job that occupies most … Continue reading Five Years of Blogging! (Q&A)

Ask Me Anything! (Q&A)

Hey, folks! With my five-year "blogiversary" coming up later this month, I'd like to dedicate a post to a "Q&A" session, in which you ask me questions and I answer them (of course). It's something that I haven't done on my blog so far, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to interact … Continue reading Ask Me Anything! (Q&A)

28 Lessons I Learned in 28 Years

Greetings, folks! Since turning 25, I've dedicated a post each year on my birthday (March 25th) to lessons that I've learned throughout the past year. In correspondence with my 28th year this year, I will be listing 28 bits of knowledge that I've acquired in these past 12 months and will be imparting them to … Continue reading 28 Lessons I Learned in 28 Years

The Sunshine Blogger Award #4

Source: Beautyofcafe205. About two months ago, Chocoviv from her eponymous blog nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award. My memory is fuzzy, as I believe that we first met and followed each other on Instagram before I discovered her blog; since then, I've been a fan, as I enjoy seeing her posts on food, travel...and … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award #4

Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year / Bonne année / 新年快樂! We've just wrapped up our first year of the 2020's, and wow, what a ride it has been. Looking back, I'm sure we can all agree that many of us did not expect 2020 to be the way it was at all. From the start of the … Continue reading Happy New Year 2021!