Happy New Year 2020 (and new decade!)

Hello, all! The new year has arrived, and so has a new decade. We've officially left the 2010's and now entering the 2020's, which is unbelievable. It seemed just yesterday that it was still 2015, and it boggles my mind just how much time has flown from year to year, down to the seconds. A … Continue reading Happy New Year 2020 (and new decade!)

1000 Follows! (and 25 Facts About Me)

Greetings! A couple of days ago, I hit 1000 follows on my blog! It's been three years in the making, but I'm very happy to have reached this milestone. I thank all of you who continue to read and follow my adventures on this website. In return, I would like to dedicate this milestone to … Continue reading 1000 Follows! (and 25 Facts About Me)

Three Years of Blogging!

This day, July 30th, marks my three years of blogging on Rebecca Goes Rendezvous. Since registering my blog in 2016, I have accumulated over 400 posts related to my adventures in traveling and living abroad, along with advice, personal stories, and poetry. Rebecca Goes Rendezvous is essentially a place for me to share my passion for seeing the world, … Continue reading Three Years of Blogging!

Two-Year Blogging Anniversary!

Greetings! Today (July 30th) marks my second year blogging on Rebecca Goes Rendezvous. Although it might seem short compared with other blogs out there, I consider it a personal milestone to be proud of. I'm amazed at how much I've done so far on this blog, whether it's writing about travel, personal reflections, or life abroad. I've … Continue reading Two-Year Blogging Anniversary!

500 Follows on WordPress!

Hello! As of this past Wednesday, October 18th, I hit 500 follows on WordPress! Considering that it's been about nine months since reaching 200 follows, it's amazing to see how quickly the numbers have doubled (and then some). Really, I can't believe it. Much has changed since the beginning of this year-- from my second … Continue reading 500 Follows on WordPress!