Destination: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama

The following few days after our day in Guatemala were fairly lax, despite covering three countries over a span of three or four days. Truth be told, we only spent half days in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama, as we were in the process of heading through the Panama Canal and into the Atlantic Ocean. … Continue reading Destination: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama


Destination: Cabo San Lucas & Acapulco, Mexico

Mexico had always been this sort of "familiar mystery" that I couldn't quite put my finger on-- although it was so close to home (a three-hour drive away), it also had a completely different culture from what I knew. It's a bit surprising to say that I'd never visited Mexico during my childhood years, especially … Continue reading Destination: Cabo San Lucas & Acapulco, Mexico

Destination: Lucerne, Switzerland

First, I'm going to start off by saying that Lucerne has my heart. There, I said it: Lucerne is hands-down my favorite city I've visited (so far) in Switzerland. Despite staying only a night in town, I was immediately captured by its beauty all over, and I wish that I could've stayed longer to explore … Continue reading Destination: Lucerne, Switzerland

Destination: Geneva, Switzerland

For many people who have never been to Switzerland, perhaps a few things which come to mind are the snowy Alps, fondue, and (not to forget) very expensive. It should not be confused with Sweden, and one should not stereotype the Swiss as Heidi clones and yodelers. Despite being a small country, Switzerland is surprisingly … Continue reading Destination: Geneva, Switzerland

Destination: Comino & Gozo, Malta

Malta might be an island-nation, but it's not restricted just to a single island. In fact, it's made up of three-- Malta, Comino, and Gozo-- all of which contribute to the country's politics, economy and, of course, its tourism industry. Visiting Malta without visiting its neighboring islands (especially Gozo) wouldn't be quite considered the "complete" … Continue reading Destination: Comino & Gozo, Malta