Destination: Le Havre & Étretat, France

Bonjour! If my time spent in Germany and Spain over the winter holidays weren't enough, then making my way over to the Normandy coast for the new year satisfied my itch to travel once again. Granted, it was a short stay, but all the same a peaceful and quiet time with good company. After getting … Continue reading Destination: Le Havre & Étretat, France

Destination: Caen, France

Bonjour! Just like with my adventures in Strasbourg and Colmar, it was also around this time of year that I spent a weekend in the beautiful city of Caen (pronounced "con"), located in Basse-Normandie and is the capital that is dedicated to Guillaume le Conquérant (William the Conqueror). In fact, I went there the weekend after visiting the Alsace … Continue reading Destination: Caen, France

Destination: Le Mont Saint-Michel, France

Bonjour! Considering that there was a three-day break this past weekend (due to Armistice Day in France), I thought that I would get out for the day, instead of staying in my small town bored as heck. At first, I had plans to go to Paris and spend the long weekend at a friend's house. … Continue reading Destination: Le Mont Saint-Michel, France

Destination: Rouen, France

With my weekend done in Le Havre, it was time to leave and head back home to my small town, despite my reluctance to do so (one word: boredom). However, before heading back, I had to make a stop in the lovely city of Rouen for a lovely (*cough cough) OFII appointment to process my paperwork for … Continue reading Destination: Rouen, France