two-by-two (poem)

(inspired by a trip to Osaka, Japan—June 2016) two-by-two I. spinal exercises in the morning: first the shoulders, then the neck before working up to the head crack the bones into the soup heat and soak stir and repeat fish broth for days ginger slips under the roof of the mouth remedy for throat on … Continue reading two-by-two (poem)

Destination: Nara Park & Osaka, Japan

  On our final day, we made stops at both Nara Park and Osaka as means of finishing off strong our eight-day tour on the island of Honshu in Japan. Considering that they're two of the island nation's biggest attractions (next to Tokyo and Kyoto), Nara Park and Osaka didn't disappoint when we visited, despite … Continue reading Destination: Nara Park & Osaka, Japan