Destination: Provins, France

My time in Paris during the last week in March wasn't just limited to the capital-- in fact, I'd planned to do at least one day trip within the île-de-France region. After considering several possibilities, I settled on Provins, a town about 91 kilometers away. With that said, I spent a half day there exploring … Continue reading Destination: Provins, France


Destination: Paris, France (March 2019 Edition– Part 2)

Although I hadn't been back in Paris for more than 24 hours when I visited in March for my birthday, I'd already managed to see a lot of the city. Of course, I continued my exploration that first full day in, as well as for the remaining three nights I had in the French capital. … Continue reading Destination: Paris, France (March 2019 Edition– Part 2)

Destination: Paris, France (March 2019 Edition– Part 1)

Paris, oh's a place that I've written about numerous times on this blog, to the point that I've had to chronicle each visit based on the date I went (April, October, now March...). Crazy to believe that I used to dislike this city when I first moved to France in 2015-- now, it's one that … Continue reading Destination: Paris, France (March 2019 Edition– Part 1)

The Mystery Blogger Award

It's been some time since I was last nominated for a blogging award (possibly back in 2017? It's been too long...), but in any case, I'm very happy to have been nominated by Rebecca at Fake Flamenco. Her passion for travel and the Spanish language/culture is wonderful, and I find it a pleasure to read … Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award

Destination: Nantes, France

While technically not in the Brittany region, Nantes is still a city which has its roots in Brittany's culture. Located about an hour's drive from Rennes, it was where I ended my extended Easter weekend during my first year teaching in France. Although I didn't stay too long in town, I got to get a … Continue reading Destination: Nantes, France