Top 10 Turkish Dishes You Need to Try

To be honest, this post had been sitting in my drafts for over three years. Ever since I visited Turkey on a 10-day whirlwind tour in 2019, I still dream about the food I had over there, from kebabs to baklava to even the controversial tavuk göğsü. I ate my weight in all of the … Continue reading Top 10 Turkish Dishes You Need to Try


Al Mare (poem)

(inspired by the Cinque Terre, Italy-- May 2016) Al Mare Step by step,the hike never seemed so treacherouslike the precarious railings which seemto quake in fear with each crash al mareby the rocks that crumble like cakeand fallingfallingdown into the mouth of waves— Rustic vineyards yield grapes full of sugaralong the face of the mountain, … Continue reading Al Mare (poem)

20 Lessons I Learned in my Twenties

Photo by sepehr jamshidifar on Today, I am 30 years old. 30. Wow. Where has the time gone? It's strange, because while I know that I've already lived three decades on this Earth, I know that I'm still young and still have a long ways to go. But it's also surreal: it feels as … Continue reading 20 Lessons I Learned in my Twenties

A Snapshot of my 20s (and Reflections)

Greetings! As I'm at the end of my twenties, I thought I'd dedicate a post to looking back at this decade of my life so far. A lot has happened in these past ten years: a lot of new and different experiences, a lot of trials-and-errors, and a lot of growing up in the end. … Continue reading A Snapshot of my 20s (and Reflections)

Destination: Solvang, California

Solvang town center (March 2022) Solvang means "sunny field" in Danish, and this small town in central California certainly pays tribute to its Danish history. Much of the town is decked out in quaint, half-timbered buildings reminiscent of the Nordic country, and it's a popular tourist stop for those on their way up and down … Continue reading Destination: Solvang, California