Destination: Étretat, France

Cliffs of Étretat (September 2015) Of all the years I've had this blog, it is actually unbelievable that I've never written about Étretat! Or at least, a stand-alone post about it. Most of my posts have only included it in lists (e.g. Normandy guides) or jointly with other destinations I went to in the region … Continue reading Destination: Étretat, France

Photo Challenge: STAIRS

Hello! A couple of weeks ago, Tricia from Travels Through My Lens posted this Photo article about stairs throughout her travels. I've enjoyed following her content as an expat in France (and in Normandy, where I used to live!), and I was inspired to show some of my favorite staircases I've photographed on my trips … Continue reading Photo Challenge: STAIRS

Life Update #16: Traveling Internationally, Job Satisfaction, and much more…

Hello, folks. It's been a while since I last updated you on life (last December, to be precise), and while I usually do my "Life Updates" during the last month of the year, I won't be able to fit one in this year due to the number of scheduled posts I've already set up to … Continue reading Life Update #16: Traveling Internationally, Job Satisfaction, and much more…

flight path (poem)

inspired by the desire to travel up in the air flight path flying feet across airport security all eyes on me through the gate late to check in late to checking out and about the runway away from the ground round and round the Earth spins cycles wings singing feather songs they flit float free … Continue reading flight path (poem)

5 Favorite Cafes in Los Angeles (PART 2)

Over a year ago, I wrote about my favorite coffee shops in Los Angeles, my hometown. While I still enjoy going to those hotspots, I have since checked out more, and more that I've grown to love. There remains hundreds of cafes that I've yet to try out in town, but until then, here are … Continue reading 5 Favorite Cafes in Los Angeles (PART 2)