Pride (poem)

(inspired by the legalization of gay marriage in the United States-- June 2015) Pride Love sins for all the wrong reasons. but we know,they know,He knows that it’s all about waking upand seeing your loved one’s facenext to yours, freckled like coffee dropsacross the bridge of the nose—lashes curled like daffodilsthat remind you of how … Continue reading Pride (poem)

Refugee (poem)

(inspired by Calais, France-- December 2015) Refugee “I took a few steps and saw them, guys wearing uniforms with their dogs off the leash, carrying shiny, polished holstered guns...And the heavy pounding on their bodies, their bones scraping on the flooring, the thud made by the impact of their skulls on the steps, I can … Continue reading Refugee (poem)

The Results Are In…

Source: The Associated Press. Hey, folks. I usually don't talk about topics outside of travel on this blog. Let alone politics: I've always found such topics too heated, too much, for my blog, and I usually like keeping things lighthearted and fun that are related to my adventures around the world. However, I felt compelled … Continue reading The Results Are In…

Thoughts on Independence Day (as an American expat)

This year marks the second year that I've been abroad for the 4th of July, with last year being on vacation in Peru. This year's in France, as I'm taking full advantage of my time here before I leave. As I'm writing this, I'm on a train through the south of France, where temperatures have … Continue reading Thoughts on Independence Day (as an American expat)

Why I’m not a Good American

...yes, you read that right. Even though I am a natural-born U.S. citizen and have grew up in the country all of my life, I still don't consider myself the typical "good, patriotic American." You know, those stereotypical ones you see in the media (sometimes even in real life) repping their red, white, blue patriotism, grilling … Continue reading Why I’m not a Good American