The Outstanding Blogger Award

Source: Wandering Explorer Travel. Hey, folks! Two months ago, Ann-Kathrin from Wandering Explorer Travel nominated me for the "Outstanding Blogger Award." I started following Ann-Kathrin's blog about six months ago, and we've become close blogging friends. Not only that, but I admire her worldly experience at such a young age, from her German roots to … Continue reading The Outstanding Blogger Award

Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

Several months ago, Purple Rose from Reluctant Preacher's Daughter nominated me for the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award. I'd never heard of this award before, but I'm super honored to receive it! Purple Rose is a lovely mom to two daughters and, quite literally, a preacher's daughter: her faith and conviction to God is admirable, which … Continue reading Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

‘From LA to France!’ Travel Blogger Interview – Rebecca from ‘Rebecca Goes Rendevous’

I did an interview with Andy’s World Journeys earlier this month. Feel free to check it out, and his blog, too!

Andy's World Journeys

Yes folks, another ace interview from a most excellent travel blogger. I’m trying to connect everyone to one another and so I hope you all take the chance to look at the travel blogs I present to you.

Rebecca hails from Los Angeles, spent a couple of years living in Normandy and has a great travel blog you must check out called ‘Rebecca Goes Rendezvous’. A huge thanks for Rebecca for taking the time to answer the questions!

  • Hi Rebecca! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview. Would you mind starting by telling us who you are and where you’re from, and of course the name of your blog? What do you do when you’re not blogging?

Hey, Andy! Thanks for the question. I am an American from Los Angeles (born and raised) who has lived and worked abroad in France as an ESL teacher. I am back in my…

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The Sunshine Blogger Award #3

Hey, folks! A couple of weeks ago, Hugo from Passport Overused nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. It has been over two years since I was nominated for the last one, and I'm flattered to be nominated once more. Thank you very much, Hugo! *PS* The questions I was asked pertain to goals and … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award #3

The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hello! A while ago, Rosie from La Grenouille Anglaise nominated me for "The Sunshine Blogger Award," and I am super honored to have received it! Really, she is a wonderful human being; her cheerful comments and support never cease to make my day, and they are great qualities which I hope to emulate as well, when … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award!