Destination: Batumi, Georgia

Nicknamed the "Las Vegas of the Black Sea," Batumi is a city none other like the rest of Georgia. It's exceptionally modern, with towering skyscrapers and numerous casinos and nightclubs for tourists to revel in. I would be staying in Batumi for two nights to get a taste of this futuristic, otherworldly-looking city,  especially it … Continue reading Destination: Batumi, Georgia

Crazy Travel Stories #8: That One Time I “Netflix-and Chilled” in Zagreb…

*Disclaimer*, the title isn't what you think it is. While in Zagreb for my holidays in May and June, I spent the first two nights Couchsurfing at someone's home. Prior to that, I'd reached out to hosts in regards to staying with them, but many were either busy, out of town, or already hosting … Continue reading Crazy Travel Stories #8: That One Time I “Netflix-and Chilled” in Zagreb…

My Year in Review: 2017 Edition!

Bonne année à tous! Seriously, it's hard to believe that it's 2018 already. It sounds cliché to say, but time really flew this year. Maybe it's a matter of getting older, that each year starts to blend together and makes it difficult to distinguish where one ends and the other begins. In any case, plenty … Continue reading My Year in Review: 2017 Edition!

Destination: le Palais Idéal, France

After a pleasant day in Pérouges the day before, I headed out to the palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval the following morning while in Lyon during my October holidays. Considering that I had a mix-up with waking up the morning before (long-story short, I'd made the mistake of setting my alarm for the day after I'd planned to visit … Continue reading Destination: le Palais Idéal, France

Destination: Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei has always been sort of my second home: my family and I would frequently go to visit my mom's family-- aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother-- all the while explore the city and what it had to offer. Despite the intense humidity and mosquito bites every time we visit, Taipei is the exact definition of a … Continue reading Destination: Taipei, Taiwan