The Outstanding Blogger Award 2

Source: Leighton Travels Hello, there! About three months ago, Leighton from Leighton Travels nominated me for "The Outstanding Blog Award," which I suppose is an award for those who are outstanding bloggers ("duh, Rebecca," you might say). But there's no question that I am an outstanding blogger-- after all, I was nominated for this, wasn't … Continue reading The Outstanding Blogger Award 2

28 Lessons I Learned in 28 Years

Greetings, folks! Since turning 25, I've dedicated a post each year on my birthday (March 25th) to lessons that I've learned throughout the past year. In correspondence with my 28th year this year, I will be listing 28 bits of knowledge that I've acquired in these past 12 months and will be imparting them to … Continue reading 28 Lessons I Learned in 28 Years

The Outstanding Blogger Award

Source: Wandering Explorer Travel. Hey, folks! Two months ago, Ann-Kathrin from Wandering Explorer Travel nominated me for the "Outstanding Blogger Award." I started following Ann-Kathrin's blog about six months ago, and we've become close blogging friends. Not only that, but I admire her worldly experience at such a young age, from her German roots to … Continue reading The Outstanding Blogger Award

Goodness Spreading

Another monthly installment I collaborated with…I also contributed to the music this time around! Take care and stay “good.” 🙂

My French Chronicles

March 2021… We’ve made it! More or less one whole year of COVID!

As the world continues to grapple with coronavirus pandemic, some countries seem to have it under control (well done New Zealand, Australia, Singapore…). As far as France is concerned we’re still deep into restrictive measures and sinister perspectives!

But thanks to blogging and social media, I’ve managed to keep my window open to the world. The little videos we’ve put together with Bloggers With a View helped me greatly (keeping me busy with filming, editing, and interacting).

For the last vlog of this epic winter 2021, I wanted to focus on what’s good in our lives. I’ve asked our little community to show me what “goodness” meant these days.

I hope you’ll like the next 3 minutes. They are filled with snowy fun days, sunny coastal walks, plenty of outdoors happiness and also gratefulness for those who…

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The Sunshine Blogger Award #4

Source: Beautyofcafe205. About two months ago, Chocoviv from her eponymous blog nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award. My memory is fuzzy, as I believe that we first met and followed each other on Instagram before I discovered her blog; since then, I've been a fan, as I enjoy seeing her posts on food, travel...and … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award #4