Top 10 Georgian Dishes You Need to Try

Besides many people never hearing about the country of Georgia, it's even less likely that they would know what Georgian food is. In fact, I didn't even know what it was until I tried it for the first time in 2018 in Prague at a small, Georgian restaurant. Since then, I've been to Georgia itself, … Continue reading Top 10 Georgian Dishes You Need to Try


Thoughts on Independence Day (as an American expat)

This year marks the second year that I've been abroad for the 4th of July, with last year being on vacation in Peru. This year's in France, as I'm taking full advantage of my time here before I leave. As I'm writing this, I'm on a train through the south of France, where temperatures have … Continue reading Thoughts on Independence Day (as an American expat)

Destination: Tbilisi & Mtskheta, Georgia

As one of the three countries wedged between the Caucasus mountains, Georgia is a small country that many travelers still don't know much about, let alone have heard of in the first place. It's not to be confused with the U.S. state of the same name, and it's definitely not to be associated as part … Continue reading Destination: Tbilisi & Mtskheta, Georgia

Destination: Riga, Latvia

The largest city of the Baltic states (and in its own country), Riga felt more of an international hub than Vilnius, or even Tallinn (when I visited in 2012). I made my way over to the Latvian capital following my three nights in Vilnius, and I spent two nights in town exploring and doing another … Continue reading Destination: Riga, Latvia

Destination: Warsaw, Poland (Part 2)

While planning my "epic trip" following the semester's end this May, I didn't think of revisiting Warsaw. True, I enjoyed seeing the city when I went over two years ago, but I'd considered that to be it. Little did I expect that I would be returning to the Polish capital for two nights, and I … Continue reading Destination: Warsaw, Poland (Part 2)