Postcard: Saint-Victor-sur-Loire, France

    -- Rebecca


The Mystery Blogger Award

It's been some time since I was last nominated for a blogging award (possibly back in 2017? It's been too long...), but in any case, I'm very happy to have been nominated by Rebecca at Fake Flamenco. Her passion for travel and the Spanish language/culture is wonderful, and I find it a pleasure to read … Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award

26 Lessons I Learned in 26 Years

As the title shows, I turn 26 today. It might not mean too much for those who've been on this Earth longer than I have, but at least so far in my young life, it's a milestone that I've learned to cherish. I've survived another year *relatively* unscathed, and I'm gearing up for the next … Continue reading 26 Lessons I Learned in 26 Years

Destination: Bern, Switzerland

Bern was the halfway point of my quick, five-day trip through Switzerland. It was also the transition point from the French to German side of the country, as I had visited Geneva and Lausanne beforehand. Also written as "Berne," this city is the capital of Switzerland, and it's known for its UNESCO-appointed Altstadt (Old Town) … Continue reading Destination: Bern, Switzerland

How I got my titre de séjour in France (story time)

Salut, tout le monde! It has been a long time coming, but as of yesterday, I *finally* received my titre de séjour! Also known as a residency card, it permits me to work in France, as well as to legally be in the country overall. Through much back-and-forth with the Prefecture (and countless headaches), I'm just glad … Continue reading How I got my titre de séjour in France (story time)