Stories (poem)

(inspired by a night in the Sahara desert- May 2017) Stories Tonight, the universe plays like television in the middle of nowhere now here, centered on the stars. It rewinds to sunset, presses pause on pastel cliff ridges painted in tangerine across green-mahogany irises. Silhouettes of four-legged beauties carry souk spells over humps of sand … Continue reading Stories (poem)

Destination: Sahara Desert, Morocco

During my five-night stay in Marrakesh, I also took an overnight tour out into the Sahara desert, a geographical spread of northern Africa which covers an area as large as the United States itself (incredible!). Visiting the Sahara desert is a very-popular, touristy thing to do, but since I'd never been there before, I wanted … Continue reading Destination: Sahara Desert, Morocco