Reflections on Anonymity and Success after Graduation

As you can tell from the title, today's post will be somewhat different since it's neither about traveling nor about my teaching experience in France. The idea came to me a couple of weeks ago while I was back at home (as in Los Angeles): I live close to the middle and high schools that … Continue reading Reflections on Anonymity and Success after Graduation


How Internet Came to be in my Flat

Story time, folks. As you might know, I had no Internet in my flat for almost a month since arriving to France. In fact, it wasn't until earlier last week that I finally got it. Considering that it was no easy feat for acquiring such an essential piece of technology, I thought that I would … Continue reading How Internet Came to be in my Flat

Life Update in France

Salut! It's been over two weeks since I'd arrived in France and so far, things have been pretty good. I haven't written a single post since I left Los Angeles (but you probably didn't notice because I had scheduled posts while I was away), and frankly, I've been missing it. There's still no Internet at … Continue reading Life Update in France

What is “Observation Period?”

Bonjour, assistant(e)s! Now that you've survived your first week at your school, you probably have already gotten a feel for the staff, the students, the atmosphere, and the things you're expected to do as an English teaching assistant. However, you also know that you won't start teaching right away, no not at all. Under your work contract, … Continue reading What is “Observation Period?”