Destination: Strasbourg, France (2018 Edition)

After my fall semester of teaching ended in mid-November, I wasted no time embarking on my two-week travels in Europe. I started with a week in the warm country of Malta (adventures to be posted soon) before I headed back to France to visit a friend for a week in Strasbourg, as well as to … Continue reading Destination: Strasbourg, France (2018 Edition)

Destination: Strasbourg, France

Salut! Around this time last year in France, I visited Strasbourg, a charming city located in the Alsace region with borders right next to Germany. With its rich, Alsatian culture and famous marchés de Noël (Christmas markets), it had been on my top list of places to visit while abroad. Considering that I had a four-day weekend from … Continue reading Destination: Strasbourg, France