Destination: Istanbul, Turkey (Part 2)

Is Turkey located in Europe or Asia? Perhaps the Middle East? These are common questions that come to mind about this unique country. I admit, I had a hard time deciding just where Turkey belonged upon setting foot, all the while going on a roller-coaster of a ride throughout the country. I've come to learn … Continue reading Destination: Istanbul, Turkey (Part 2)

Destination: Istanbul, Turkey (Part 1)

Turkey had been on my list of places to see since my first year working abroad in France. That was over three years ago, and I didn't have the opportunity to head over until this June. I, along with a fellow English teacher, spent ten days traversing the Eurasian country, taking in tons of sights … Continue reading Destination: Istanbul, Turkey (Part 1)

Destination: Menton, France

Just located three kilometers from the Italian border lies the stunning small town of Menton. With its warm, Mediterranean climate and sweeping, colorful harbor, it's no wonder that this French Riviera town is famously nicknamed "the pearl of France." Many tourists-- local and foreign-- take a trip to Menton every year, ideally in the summer … Continue reading Destination: Menton, France

Destination: Pont du Gard & Uzès, France

Without a doubt, the south of France is one of the most-touristic spots in the country, with only Paris claiming first place. Although the south tends to get hectic in summer months, it continues to welcome visitors to its region. From the stunning lavender fields to the French Riviera, there's so much for one to … Continue reading Destination: Pont du Gard & Uzès, France

Destination: Gordes & Roussillon, France

What makes the south of France a popular tourist destination isn't limited to its good weather and landscapes, but also to its dozens (if not hundreds) of small, picturesque villages dotted throughout. The department of Vaucluse is rich in such villages, and I had the great opportunity to visit two of the most well-known ones-- … Continue reading Destination: Gordes & Roussillon, France