Destination: Suzhou, China

Suzhou (苏州) was the final destination during our visit to China in 2011. It's situated about an hour's drive (100 kilometres) northwest of Shanghai, and it's home to a culturally-aesthetic center, with centuries-old canals, gardens, and pagodas that have become major tourist attractions over the years. Due to its waterfront layout, Suzhou has been dubbed … Continue reading Destination: Suzhou, China

Destination: Hangzhou, China

Hailed for its blend of nature and modern living, Hangzhou (杭州) isn't a city to be missed while visiting central-east China. Its large, freshwater West Lake has inspired past artists and poets with its natural beauty, and it's home to a booming Internet industry that has drawn plenty of prospective workers from other parts of … Continue reading Destination: Hangzhou, China

Destination: Shanghai, China

Cosmopolitan and futuristic, Shanghai (上海) is considered to be the pièce de résistance of present-day China. It's shown off to the the world as a symbol of the country's incredible strides in economic prosperity, and its international status has since placed it in the ranks of other world-renown cities like New York, London, and Singapore. No … Continue reading Destination: Shanghai, China

Destination: Guilin, China

Our final days of visiting China were spent in Guilin, a city situated in south-central China. Located about 420 kilometres south of Hunan, it was the southernmost point we hit during our nine-day tour of the country, and it would also be a peaceful, nature-filled end to our time overseas. Which was what my family … Continue reading Destination: Guilin, China

Destination: Xi’an, China

Xi'an (西安) is the capital city of the Shaanxi Province, located some 1000 kilometres southwest of Beijing. It's known not only for being the starting point of the Silk Road, but it's also one of the "Four Ancient Great Capitals" of China (along with Beijing, Nanjing, and Luoyang). This city's history dates back centuries, rich … Continue reading Destination: Xi’an, China