Destination: Geneva, Switzerland

For many people who have never been to Switzerland, perhaps a few things which come to mind are the snowy Alps, fondue, and (not to forget) very expensive. It should not be confused with Sweden, and one should not stereotype the Swiss as Heidi clones and yodelers. Despite being a small country, Switzerland is surprisingly … Continue reading Destination: Geneva, Switzerland


Destination: Comino & Gozo, Malta

Malta might be an island-nation, but it's not restricted just to a single island. In fact, it's made up of three-- Malta, Comino, and Gozo-- all of which contribute to the country's politics, economy and, of course, its tourism industry. Visiting Malta without visiting its neighboring islands (especially Gozo) wouldn't be quite considered the "complete" … Continue reading Destination: Comino & Gozo, Malta

Destination: the Three Cities & Marsaxlokk, Malta

While visiting the main, touristy sights of Valletta and Mdina during my week-long stay, I also took the time to check out the smaller towns and villages. Many of these visits were scattered throughout the various days I was there, so I will be consolidating them in this post. Might be somewhat miscellaneous (and a … Continue reading Destination: the Three Cities & Marsaxlokk, Malta

Destination: Rabat, Mdina, & Mosta, Malta

On my third full day in Malta, I decided to stay on and explore the western part of the main island. Having spent the previous day hiking through the lush vegetation on the island of Comino, I stayed in Malta to discover more of its history. With that said, I embarked early to get a … Continue reading Destination: Rabat, Mdina, & Mosta, Malta

Destination: Valletta, Malta

Located off the coast of Sicily, the small island-nation of Malta often gets overlooked as a tourist destination. For non-EU citizens like myself, I admit I hadn't known about this country until in the last few years-- even after I'd decided to book my flights for a week-long visit in late November, I still had … Continue reading Destination: Valletta, Malta