A Snapshot of my 20s (and Reflections)

Greetings! As I'm at the end of my twenties, I thought I'd dedicate a post to looking back at this decade of my life so far. A lot has happened in these past ten years: a lot of new and different experiences, a lot of trials-and-errors, and a lot of growing up in the end. … Continue reading A Snapshot of my 20s (and Reflections)


Destination: Solvang, California

Solvang town center (March 2022) Solvang means "sunny field" in Danish, and this small town in central California certainly pays tribute to its Danish history. Much of the town is decked out in quaint, half-timbered buildings reminiscent of the Nordic country, and it's a popular tourist stop for those on their way up and down … Continue reading Destination: Solvang, California

Destination: Santa Barbara, California

Mission Santa Barbara (March 2022) Santa Barbara is a coastal city located just 90 miles/145 km from Los Angeles, along the central coast of California. Home to just 88,000 residents, the city is a notable change to the nearly 4 million of its neighboring LA-- in contrast to the big city life, Santa Barbara feels … Continue reading Destination: Santa Barbara, California

5 Best Beaches in Los Angeles You Need to See

Winter is still in the air, but that doesn't stop Los Angelenos from flocking to the beach every day. In fact, temperatures are still pretty good in February, averaging about 69°F/21°C and sunny. And given that it's off-peak travel season, it's the best time to visit Los Angeles in the year. From surfing to beach … Continue reading 5 Best Beaches in Los Angeles You Need to See

10 Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

If there's one thing I seek out on my travels, it's waterfalls. Especially if I plan on doing a hike or at least going into nature that's lush in vegetation, I look forward to seeing if I come across a waterfall. Whether as enormous as Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil or as graceful as … Continue reading 10 Beautiful Waterfalls in the World