BLOGGERS: Introduce Yourself!

Now, a quick word from our sponsors... (hah, I wish) I have realized that, in all my four years of blogging here, I have never made a "Meet and Greet" type of post in which I offer Followers to promote their blogs. And considering that I see many of you engaging through Comments and Likes … Continue reading BLOGGERS: Introduce Yourself!

Happy Holidays 2019!

Greetings! I am taking a brief break from blogging about my travels to wish you a very merry holiday season. Just like with 2018, I am back in my hometown of Los Angeles (this time, indefinitely) to celebrate the wintry cheer with family, friends, and loved ones during the "most wonderful time of the year." … Continue reading Happy Holidays 2019!

Life Update #6: Settling into France (one month update!)

Bonjour! As I'm writing this, it has been almost a month since I arrived in France to begin my third consecutive year abroad (but my first year as a lectrice d'anglais). So much has happened in this past month-- from finding a place to live to dealing with French administration, I can't believe how I … Continue reading Life Update #6: Settling into France (one month update!)

Life Update #4 (Back Home in the States!)

Yes, I'm back! After an eleven-hour direct flight on Saturday, I have finally returned to Los Angeles. It's been eight months away and while I had a blast in France, I'm also glad to *finally* be home. My flight back from Paris went relatively smoothly- granted, I didn't sleep much because of the cabin pressure and … Continue reading Life Update #4 (Back Home in the States!)

Life Update in France #3 (I’m Going Home?!)

Bonjour! It's incredible to realize that I haven't written one of these "life updates" in over four months, with the last one being back in January, right after coming back from the vacances de Noël. In any case, so much has happened since then, and I thought that I would dedicate a post to catch you … Continue reading Life Update in France #3 (I’m Going Home?!)