Destination: Saint-Étienne, France

Especially if you have lived in or have heard of Saint-Étienne before, you may find it almost laughable that I'm choosing to write about this city as a travel destination on this blog. I admit, even I have mixed feelings writing about it, as I equally had mixed feelings when I lived there for two … Continue reading Destination: Saint-Étienne, France


Destination: Stockholm, Sweden

Nicknamed the "Venice of Scandinavia," the Swedish capital is a major hub for all things political, economic, and cultural in northern Europe. It is also the most-populous capital among the Nordic countries, with over two million in the metropolitan area. Stockholm has come a long way since its Viking days, as it has become notable … Continue reading Destination: Stockholm, Sweden

Destination: Helsinki, Finland

Contrary to popular belief, Finland is not considered a Scandinavian country. While it might be geographically close to Norway and Sweden, it's actually classified as Nordic, or at least, merely an "observing" Scandinavian one. Because of its strange status among the northern European countries, Finland is somewhat of an enigma, and it was a pleasure … Continue reading Destination: Helsinki, Finland

Destination: Saint Petersburg, Russia– Part 2

During our time cruising the Baltic Sea, my family and I made a 48-hour stop in Saint Petersburg to get a taste of Russia, all the while visa-free. It was a whirlwind of a time busing all over the sprawling city from palace to palace, along with the occasional Orthodox church sprinkled in between. Saint … Continue reading Destination: Saint Petersburg, Russia– Part 2

Destination: Saint Petersburg, Russia– Part 1

Considering the current news and politics, Russia requires no introduction. From its tumultuous history with the U.S. to its years of Soviet rule over much of Eastern Europe and central Asia, this massive country has continued to show its power through much of its foreign affairs, time and time again. Love it or hate it, … Continue reading Destination: Saint Petersburg, Russia– Part 1