Top 10 Georgian Dishes You Need to Try

Besides many people never hearing about the country of Georgia, it's even less likely that they would know what Georgian food is. In fact, I didn't even know what it was until I tried it for the first time in 2018 in Prague at a small, Georgian restaurant. Since then, I've been to Georgia itself, … Continue reading Top 10 Georgian Dishes You Need to Try

Destination: Kutaisi, Georgia

The city of Kutaisi is the third most-populous in Georgia, after Tbilisi and Batumi. Located about 220 kilometers (140 miles) west of Tbilisi, this small city had briefly been the capital of Georgia between 2012 and 2018, before being passed back to Tbilisi-- it even had a Parliament built, but it was never used! Today, … Continue reading Destination: Kutaisi, Georgia

Destination: Bordeaux, France

Bonjour! Just like with my other posts, I'll be sharing my past travels from les vacances d'hiver during my first year as an assistante. Considering that this year's will be starting very soon, I thought that I would reflect on my vacation from before, as means of ushering in the new one once it arrives. With that said, c'est parti! … Continue reading Destination: Bordeaux, France