Happy Holidays 2020!

Hey, folks! As I've done so in previous years around this time, I'm taking a brief break from my travel-related content to wish all of you a very happy holiday season. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, there's no doubt that this is a festive time for many, to stay home and spend time with … Continue reading Happy Holidays 2020!

Happy Holidays 2019!

Greetings! I am taking a brief break from blogging about my travels to wish you a very merry holiday season. Just like with 2018, I am back in my hometown of Los Angeles (this time, indefinitely) to celebrate the wintry cheer with family, friends, and loved ones during the "most wonderful time of the year." … Continue reading Happy Holidays 2019!

My Favorite Christmas Markets in Europe

The annual Christmas markets have already been going on for a couple of weeks, and there remains not quite another two weeks before they end. In any case, such events are truly magical during the winter season, with plenty of gingerbread, gifts, and gl├╝hwein to boot. Should one be in Europe around the holiday season, … Continue reading My Favorite Christmas Markets in Europe

Destination: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Romania had been on my list of places to visit for quite some time, especially when flights to its major cities from my airport in France were affordable and direct. Even if I had extremely-limited knowledge about it (with the exception of Transylvania and all things vampire), I was rather curious to see what it … Continue reading Destination: Cluj-Napoca, Romania