Destination: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Romania had been on my list of places to visit for quite some time, especially when flights to its major cities from my airport in France were affordable and direct. Even if I had extremely-limited knowledge about it (with the exception of Transylvania and all things vampire), I was rather curious to see what it … Continue reading Destination: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Destination: Strasbourg, France (2018 Edition)

After my fall semester of teaching ended in mid-November, I wasted no time embarking on my two-week travels in Europe. I started with a week in the warm country of Malta (adventures to be posted soon) before I headed back to France to visit a friend for a week in Strasbourg, as well as to … Continue reading Destination: Strasbourg, France (2018 Edition)

Destination: Lyon, France (Fête des Lumières– 2018 Edition)

Bonjour! Last weekend, I spent my time in Lyon for the fête des Lumières (aka "Festival of Lights"). Drawing over four million(!) people each year for a long weekend of light exhibitions all over the city, it's certainly one of France's biggest highlights-- domestic and international. Besides dazzling visitors with extravagant light shows, it also ushers in the … Continue reading Destination: Lyon, France (Fête des Lumières– 2018 Edition)

Life Update #11: Fall Semester teaching DONE!

Greetings! A lot has happened since my last Life Update back in August (can't believe how time flies!). I'm sure that it's not much of a surprise, since living overseas can, of course, come with plenty of experiences. But considering that this is my second year in the same city, with the same job, I'd assumed … Continue reading Life Update #11: Fall Semester teaching DONE!