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Happy weekend, folks!

Considering that the future of travel is still up in the air (pun intended), I had the pleasure of collaborating with Véro from My French Chronicles​ to showcase beautiful views from around the world. Check out my part from Los Angeles (starts at 1:25)! Bonne journée! 🙂

My French Chronicles

For many of us, 2020 meant we had to forget about traveling or rethink how far we wanted to go. Reading the New Year’s posts on WordPress made me realise how much we suffered from this incapacity to do that common thing we’re very fond of. 2021 is still very uncertain in terms of what we’re going to be able to do…

Keeping this in mind while trying to stay sane myself, I thought it would be fun to gather a few bloggers I have regular interactions with around a little project. Often, we virtually “meet” at the end of a blog in the comment box, pointing out which photos we liked, which memories the chosen words woke up, or the interest of a challenge’s prompt. But sometimes it feels slightly isolating. See how needy I am these days?! That’s the perks of being an extrovert in a pandemic locked-down…

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FOUR YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY (and 20 *Non-Travel* Facts About Me)

Hello! Today (July 30th) marks my fourth year of blogging on WordPress-- another milestone! Every year, I look forward to this day to see just far I've come, not just in terms of travel and adventures, but also in my blogging career and how my writing has changed over time. It's both a great and … Continue reading FOUR YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY (and 20 *Non-Travel* Facts About Me)

BLOGGERS: Introduce Yourself!

Now, a quick word from our sponsors... (hah, I wish) I have realized that, in all my four years of blogging here, I have never made a "Meet and Greet" type of post in which I offer Followers to promote their blogs. And considering that I see many of you engaging through Comments and Likes … Continue reading BLOGGERS: Introduce Yourself!

27 Lessons I Learned in 27 Years

March 25th marks my birthday-- this year, I turn 27. I've comfortably entered my late twenties, and it's quite surreal to think that I have done and seen so much of this world in my young life...and there remains a lot more to discover! I've made it a tradition in the last five years to … Continue reading 27 Lessons I Learned in 27 Years

1000 Follows! (and 25 Facts About Me)

Greetings! A couple of days ago, I hit 1000 follows on my blog! It's been three years in the making, but I'm very happy to have reached this milestone. I thank all of you who continue to read and follow my adventures on this website. In return, I would like to dedicate this milestone to … Continue reading 1000 Follows! (and 25 Facts About Me)