3 Years on WP!

This day, July 30th, marks my three years of blogging on Rebecca Goes Rendezvous. Since registering my blog in 2016, I have accumulated over 400 posts related to my adventures in traveling and living abroad, along with advice, personal stories, and poetry. Rebecca Goes Rendezvous is essentially a place for me to share my passion for seeing the world, as well as an inspiration to keep on traveling.

I have been writing these kinds of anniversary (or rather, “blogiversary”) posts since my first one, followed by my second. Writing these posts are a good way for me to reflect on the progress I’ve made since the previous year, along with looking ahead to what I hope to do next. At least with this past year, I’ve found that nothing much has really changed, as I continue to write about my travels during my time in Europe.

Although I love to write about my adventures in travel, I’m recently finding that it’s becoming rather repetitive: I’ve managed to break this routine slightly with the occasional non-destination post (e.g. travel tips, poem), but still, I’m discovering that my blog’s grown rather stagnant. Maybe I’m just projecting, but for my long-time readers, I’d like to know what you’ve been thinking about what I’ve been putting out over this last few months– would you prefer the usual destination posts, or more variety?

Even further, I am foreseeing that this upcoming third year of blogging will be notably different from the last few ones. I’ll save the details in another post, but essentially, I no longer live abroad in France, and I’m in the process of finding a job in the United States, my home country. That means less travel and less travel posts– while I still have my travels from June and July to write about (which I reckon will occupy this blog until the end of the year), I know that I’ll have to spice it up with other content to keep Rebecca Goes Rendezvous going. I have a few ideas, but I’m not sure if they’ll last long– I’m open to any suggestions!

Another thing I’ve been thinking about with this blog is the idea of monetizing it. I’ve actually been pondering it for several years now, back when I was writing on other blogs. But a lot of things have made me hesitant to go ahead with it:

1) it costs money to purchase a domain name, and to maintain it monthly.

2) I’ll need to get sponsors and write sponsored posts.

3) I’ll need to change my blog style to make it accessible to the audience I’d be marketing to, namely, travelers who want tips and advice on destinations.

…and it’s not guaranteed that it’ll work out; it’s high-risk and, without a stable job, it could be a waste of my time. Plus, I’m not sure if I’d want to change my blog style (which is a “personal travel diary” style at the moment) and sell myself to earn money. But maybe that’s how it is, sacrificing a bit of your dignity to build a business.

Who knows. Maybe eventually, I’ll bite the bullet, take the risk, and monetize my blog. Could be sooner, could be never. I do enjoy blogging, but I’ve always seen it as a hobby, rather than something that could actually become a business. With time, it could work, but until then, I’ll need to find a stable job and continue consistently blogging in my spare time.

This blogiversary post has gone off-topic, but I think it’s all still relevant to what has happened over this past year. Lots of questions to consider as to where I’ll take Rebecca Goes Rendezvous in this upcoming year in relation to my job/life change. If any of you have advice on what I could do, e.g. blog ideas, monetizing or not, I’d love to hear from you. Thank you so much for those who’ve been around since I’ve started this blog, and I hope to continue producing content that I enjoy writing about!

Take care,

— Rebecca


11 thoughts on “Three Years of Blogging!

    1. Thanks! I’ve gone back to my first few posts, and it really is interesting (shocking at times, even!) to see the difference between how I wrote then and now. Have a good day, too!

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